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from the desk of Harry “Happy”Humor,       Some days you just need to take a deep breath and enjoy the moments in your otherwise hectic day.  Each day has those enjoyable moments, seize them! They are there, look for them.  You will be … Continue reading

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Greener Pastures?

                                                                         from the desk of  Harry “Happy” Humor                                                                               Many times we get frustrated, irritated, and “dissolution-ated” (new word that Webster should have put in his dictionary) in the midst of our present circumstances.  New pastures may await you, but you may have to … Continue reading

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from the desk of Harry “Happy” Humor       Shhh! Listen closely! You might hear the birds chirping, the the summer breeze gently rustling the leaves, and even a man whistling as he walks.  If we would only take the time to enjoy our … Continue reading

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Life Uphill

from the desk of Harry “Happy” Humor        Life can have its easy moments, but many times the hills are upon us. Sometimes they’re seen from afar and other times not seen at all. What then? Are we going to quit? No way!  … Continue reading

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Vision for the Future

from the desk of  Harry “Happy” Humor        The sun enjoys its day everyday.  No matter rain or shine, it continues to shine on above the clouds.  How did it get there?…. by chance, no way.  Someone greater than us had the wisdom and desire … Continue reading

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Life’s Road has Curves

from the desk of Harry “Happy” Humor      Life’s road always has those curves. We can be walking straight as an arrow, and then the Curve of Change is upon us.  Change never stops changing– we have to adjust to … Continue reading

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Gravel Roads of Life

from the desk of Harry “Happy” Humor          Many a road is not smooth so you can walk barefoot free and easy. We may want to walk carefree without our shoes like a stroll on the beach, but life’s hurts are always … Continue reading

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