Life’s Fences!

from the desk of Harry “Happy” Humor

       Fences are ever-present in each of our lives.  Some can keep us hemmed in, while some try to keep others out.  They can be very protective in keeping us safe; yet, some can be very restrictive in keeping others at bay to our demise.  We unknowingly build barbed fences many times with our curt and abrupt ways with people.  They are not drawn toward us, but are pushed away in pain in just one brief moment.  Those fences will surely lead to unrelenting loneliness.  On the other hand, build your life with fences of protection so others feel safe and at ease around you.  Those will  surely lead to deep friendships, and life-long friends make life worth living. 

 “Life is built one timber at a time and strung together with care and love for others”.


About "Live Life with a Positive Outlook" and a "Cup of Coffee"!

I am the President and CEO, Sales Humor Publishing, LLC , as well as, a freelance writer and coffee lover who desires to help you with Smiles, Encouragement, and Challenges to "Be and Do" your best. I have been a successful sales professional for over 30 years. I am a blessed man to be married 40 years and counting to the most wonderful woman in the world with 3 awesome adult children, and 6 marvelous grandchildren to date. Blessings and smiles for each new day! Have a great day on me!
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