We attend many a seminar to learn something new, yet the vast majority do NOTHING with this new knowledge.  We must IMPLEMENT!  It may be in our mind, but it must go to our feet. It may be small steps or actions, but at least you are taking needed action.   Action is where many a person fails. Don’t let that be you! 

      Learning is the beginning of growth, and growth is a continual process.  Find your passion, and do it!  Yes, you will make mistakes along the way no doubt, but you will be the one who makes it to the top.  All the others will only be wishers, wishing they had pursued. 

     You have heard of the 80/20 rule:  Only 20% do the work.  Learning is the same.   At best, only 20% actually begin to implement, the others never find the time to even begin.  Of those 20%, only 1 out of 5 take significant action, and 20% of the 5 actually fully implement learning with a passion and action to succeed.  Are you that 1 in a 100?  Hopefully, you are an full-fledge Implementer!  Strive to do your best, and the best will come back to you.

“Implement is the cement to your success”.


About "Live Life with a Positive Outlook" and a "Cup of Coffee"!

I am the President and CEO, Sales Humor Publishing, LLC , as well as, a freelance writer and coffee lover who desires to help you with Smiles, Encouragement, and Challenges to "Be and Do" your best. I have been a successful sales professional for over 30 years. I am a blessed man to be married 40 years and counting to the most wonderful woman in the world with 3 awesome adult children, and 6 marvelous grandchildren to date. Blessings and smiles for each new day! Have a great day on me!
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