When you actually look closely at the word “Wisdom”, it declares its own meaning– “Whiz by the dumb”.  If you are truly wise, you will not stay in the company of the naive or the fool.  You will just whiz by as a racer striving for the finish.  Yet, remember that knowledge is not wisdom.  Knowledge is the facts, but wisdom is the wise application of those facts for the betterment of others.  Gain wisdom and you will gain the wealth of greatness; gain foolishness and you will gain the folly of folly.  Thus, whiz on to wisdom, it eagerly awaits those who strive after her.

“Wisdom is always looking for the soul who is unafraid to gain her”.


About "Live Life with a Positive Outlook" and a "Cup of Coffee"!

I am the President and CEO, Sales Humor Publishing, LLC , as well as, a freelance writer and coffee lover who desires to help you with Smiles, Encouragement, and Challenges to "Be and Do" your best. I have been a successful sales professional for over 30 years. I am a blessed man to be married 40 years and counting to the most wonderful woman in the world with 3 awesome adult children, and 6 marvelous grandchildren to date. Blessings and smiles for each new day! Have a great day on me!
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  1. Great post on Wisdom, really enjoy the bicycling picture!

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