Life is about choices– wise or foolish.  We all face choices constantly as we live our lives day-to-day in this ever-changing world.  The crux of the matter is “what wise choices will you make TODAY?” that will have long-lasting,  positive outcomes for you and others.  The choice is yours; choose very carefully!

Blue Dawn

                           “Choices, not chance, determine  your Direction and Destiny”!


About "Live Life with a Positive Outlook" and a "Cup of Coffee"!

I am the President and CEO, Sales Humor Publishing, LLC , as well as, a freelance writer and coffee lover who desires to help you with Smiles, Encouragement, and Challenges to "Be and Do" your best. I have been a successful sales professional for over 30 years. I am a blessed man to be married 40 years and counting to the most wonderful woman in the world with 3 awesome adult children, and 6 marvelous grandchildren to date. Blessings and smiles for each new day! Have a great day on me!
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